Finding JOY in the little things...


I'm going on an "herbal scavenger hunt" in Sardinia...

As an avid herbalist with an ever growing desire to learn, I'm taking our trip to Sardinia as an opportunity to learn as much as I can about the native flora of the beautiful mediterranean island. 

Here's how it works:

  • There is a list of herbs that we're likely to find in Sardinia (hand crafted by yours truly).
  • Before our trip, I researched the herbs so that I can recognize them.
  • Now I am on the lookout for the herbs while we're away.
  • When I find them, I'm getting to know the herbs on a personal touchy-feely basis.
  • As we go, I'm posting updates so that we can all share in the experience of the local Sardinian flora! 

So let's go find some herbs!! 

Recent Updates

I’m about to embark on the trip of a lifetime (okay, let’s be honest… I’m hoping to do more than one trip like this) for a few weeks in our camper van around Sardegna.  We’ll be travelling as a family of four: My husband: The brains behind the whole mission who pulls everything together, from our means … Read more

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I'm Yolanda Joy. 

It's the little pleasures in life that bring my soul alive. 

  • Sitting by a cracking fire in winter
  • Walking barefoot with sand between my toes
  • Standing at the top of a mountain 
  • Feeling the crunch of leaves beneath my feet in fall