Hi, I'm Yolanda Joy. 

It's the little pleasures in life that bring my soul alive. 

  • Sitting by a cracking fire in winter
  • Walking barefoot with sand between my toes
  • Standing at the top of a mountain 
  • Feeling the crunch of leaves beneath my feet in fall
  • Kneading pasta dough with my hands 
  • Smelling fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden
  • Snuggling into bed after a long but satisfying day 

You know, those kind of things. 

Simple. But great.

My home is now in the mountains in Italy. I remember the first time that I saw elderflower, St. John's Wort and yarrow. (Three separate occasions, not all at once.) 

Each time, I had this feeling of wonder. I'd read books about these herbs but had never come across them before. Captivating fiction books with strong characters who knew to find some yarrow to help when they or someone else was wounded. 

Seeing and feeling these herbs for the first time, I felt like had stepped into a work of fiction, with magical plants that had real properties.... but then I realized that it's not just fiction.

It's a REAL magical world of plants... and that's where we're living.

Since then, my fascination with plants has continued to grow and grow. 

I've read countless books and studied various courses to expand my knowledge. But most of all, I've spent time trying to get to know them.

I often walk the longer path to the village nearby our house because that's where the interesting herbs like to grow. And when I find them, I take a few with me to work and experiment with at home. 

Tinctures. Oils. Infusions. 

The experimentation is where the fun begins! 

I grew up in Australia and have always had a passion for nature and brewing up various concoctions from the plants and environment around me.

Even at that age, I can remember making "Lavender Perfume", which consisted of a glass jar with squashed lavender flowers and water inside. 

But to me it was wonderful.

With this blog, I wish to keep the childish delight alive.

The curiosity and willingness to try. 

And I hope that you'll join me! 

With love,
Yolanda Joy